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Digital Transformation

Businesses worldwide have started looking at digital transformation as a solution to reduce costs whilst improving business processes. In fact, according to Salesforce – one of the leaders of cloud automation solutions, digital transformation is “the process of using digital technologies to create new – or modifying existing – business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements”. A close-enough definition, but it may miss the mark because it fails to state the most prominent aspect: the transformation must begin within the business, and it is not about “meeting market requirements” but being part of the new world.

Was Digitized First

An army of smart people has invented and developed the digital tools we use today for a simple yet powerful reason: to make it easier to communicate and execute tasks in our daily lives. But in the process, they changed how we communicate and do things. We ended up with a great new world, changing ourselves and adapting technology to how we want to live. In other words, we went through a digital transformation ourselves as a society whilst we created the digital tools. This dual (push-pull) adventure is a continuous process now affecting the business world. Today, most businesses need to undergo and be an active part of this transformation; those who delay it may lose competitive advantage and ultimately vanish.

Business Go Through Transformation Too

Digital Transformation is the process a business goes through for changing and adapting the business model and strategy to allow for the implementation of digital automation and communication tools throughout the organization to increase efficiencies in all areas, from sales to operations, from customer service to manufacturing.

Why Change?

We talk about business models and strategies because we talk about transformation, not the mere implementation of digital tools. No business can implement digital tools without slightly adjusting how it operates and without changing how the human resources approach a business process. Thus, it is wiser to redesign the business focusing on digitalization rather than just implementing some automation tools or platforms. The process will result in changes to business processes anyway, but if the organization is not ready for (sometimes) significant changes, the implementation will likely fail, either entirely or partially.

Want to understand how all this works?

The Digital World

Going digital also means understanding the associated transformations possible, from how we communicate with the market – customers, partners and suppliers – to processing the increasing amount of information we can collect using the new, global market. New ethical considerations caused by the computer world already impact how we do business. Going through digital transformation also means learning about what is possible and appropriate and not in the digital world.

Learning about new products and services we can provide sometimes means we have to reinvent the business, or at the very least, expand it beyond what we initially thought was possible.

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