Unlock Your Business Potential with Our One-Year Digital Transformation Program

Future-proof your business by joining 12 like-minded entrepreneurs in our comprehensive Digital Transformation Program. Learn how to adapt, thrive, and dominate the digital landscape while optimizing your marketing and sales funnels and back-end operations for the ultimate growth experience.

Next intro event: 22nd of June 2023

Business Design:
Crafting Your Digital Masterplan

Begin your transformation journey by designing a business model tailored for the digital age. We'll guide you through the process, using proven tools like the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas to ensure you establish a strong foundation for online success.

Next intro event: 22nd of June 2023

Digital Fulfillment:
Building Your Digital Powerhouse

Dive into the world of digital marketing, automation, and infrastructure building. Our experts will help you master the art of generating traffic, creating digital marketing and sales funnels, and utilizing marketing automation. Learn to recruit and collaborate with a devops team for seamless execution.

Next intro event: 22nd of June 2023

D.T. Program FAQ

The DT Program is a team effort coordinated by a consultant instructor to guide you through creating your business’ digital strategy, build the infrastructure and proceed to implement it. The team consists of 12 entrepreneurs going through the same process, so there are more brains involved.

The DT Program costs $2200 monthly for 12 months – $26,400, including GST.

You will get the knowledge, methodologies, templates and design materials and assistance in using them to create the digital strategy, choose its components, and help to implement and run it. You will also get access to a project management and communication platform to make things easier.

The Program does not provide access to the software platforms necessary to run your digital marketing, sales automation or other elements of digital infrastructure. Whilst we do offer solutions in all areas, we do not force our customers to use our solutions.
We also do not create your strategy or content. The Program aims at helping you create your digital strategy and learn how to implement it.

The program consists of 12 monthly in-person sessions and 24 remote virtual sessions, plus ongoing chat-like discussions with the assistant instructor and the other participants. It takes one year to complete. The exact schedule for the sessions will be provided at the beginning of the program.

This program was developed by Cris Iconomu – Head of Business Design at ViBuNe – together with other team members. The information used is based on the team’s professional  experience, together with other sources available online and offline.

You will learn the intricacies of developing and building a true digital strategy for your business, together with a variety of tools and platforms that can be used for an efficient transition to a fully digital business operation. The goal is to create a turnkey system that you can switch on and off to generate more business revenue based on the market conditions.

Your business will benefit from a well-coordinated digital strategy and potentially the infrastructure to run it off. Building the infrastructure and implementing the strategy is not compulsory during the program, however, highly recommended.

Yes. Unless you are a digital automation expert, online marketing specialist, a developer and a system administrator or you already run a successful digital business, you need this program. And, even then, you may find some useful information in this program, you did not know before.

At this time the course is available only in the English language, with a focus on Australian  businesses residing in The Hills District of Sydney, New South Wales. However, we do plan to expand its availability as soon as possible, so stay in contact.

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Reshape Your Business Into a Digital Powerhouse

Next intro event: 22nd of June 2023

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The ViBuNe Digital Transformation Program is a comprehensive twelve months of training and support created to help entrepreneurs design and strategize their business migration to a digitally enhanced powerhouse.

It delivers for the participants the tools and assistance to achieve the following:

  • An improved business model
  • Assistance in creating a digital strategy
  • Help in choosing the right digital platforms
  • Guidance in finding the right human resources
  • Advice and assistance in project management
  • Project management platform for the program duration
  • A communication platform for collaboration

This program is open and recommended for:

  • Entrepreneurs in micro and start-up businesses
  • Owners and executives of established businesses
  • Managers of strategic departments in large businesses