Technology Services

The technology stack has become a strategic, fundamental choice in business today. Moreover when most applications and automation layers must be available always, everywhere.

Managed Technology Stacks

Digitally enabled businesses must have a robust and efficient technology stack in order to thrive. A managed technology stack is a carefully chosen and maintained set of technologies that form the foundation of your digital infrastructure. It includes domain registration, cloud hosting, application integrations, web application firewalls, and security measures like SSO and Zero Trust. Proper management, maintenance and support of these components are crucial to ensure the smooth running of your online operations, keeping your business secure, and providing a seamless experience for your users.

Domain Registration
And DNS Services

Domain registration and DNS management are the cornerstones of your online presence. They determine how easily users can find and access your website. Proper management ensures that your domain name is secure, your website is easily reachable, and the user experience is not compromised.

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the backbone of your digital infrastructure, providing the resources and computing power needed to keep your website and applications running smoothly and ensuring that your cloud hosting is appropriately set up and managed to guarantee optimal performance, scalability, and reliability for your online operations.

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Applications Integration

Enabling various software tools and systems to work together seamlessly enhances the efficiency and functionality of your digital infrastructure. Proper management and maintenance of these integrations ensure that data flows smoothly between systems, reducing the likelihood of errors and bottlenecks. This leads to improved workflow efficiency, increased productivity, and better insights into your business processes.

Web Application Firewall

A critical line of defence against cyber threats, WAFs protect your online assets from hackers and malicious attacks. Regular maintenance and proper WAF management are essential to keep your digital infrastructure secure and compliant with industry regulations. A well-configured WAF minimizes the risk of data breaches, website defacement, and other security incidents that could harm your reputation and lead to financial losses.

SSO and Zero Trust

Single Sign-On (SSO) and Zero Trust security models play a vital role in safeguarding your digital assets and user data. SSO simplifies user authentication across multiple applications, while Zero Trust enforces the principle of least privilege, granting access only to verified users and devices. This ultimately leads to increased trust from your customers and partners and a more secure and efficient digital environment for your business.


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