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How it all started

Ten years ago, we realized the business world needs a different approach to how businesses build their digital infrastructures. The separation between online and on-premise systems has become increasingly blurry, and most organizations are inconsistent in creating their online environments.

With the onset of inexpensive cloud hosting and commercial systems, a new era of freedom has arrived for businesses, large or small, to migrate their vital systems and make them available anywhere, 24/7. But, as usual, technology makes great leaps forward, whereas it takes time for business leaders to catch up and embrace the new trends entirely and correctly.

We also realized the number of challenges this would cause, mainly due to the lack of specific knowledge and information on how digital systems work and interact. Ignoring best practices in setting up, configuring and using digital tools can easily lead to disastrous outcomes, from hacking attacks to data leaks with grave repercussions.

This may be less of an issue for large organizations due to their larger budgets, although avoiding unnecessary expenses is vital for any business. But for small businesses, observing good practices in the digital world can be cumbersome and sometimes inherently challenging because DevSecOps teams have to tackle multiple areas of expertise, and good specialists aren’t a commodity. Hence, we decided to address these challenges by attacking them on two fronts, focused on the small business space: knowledge and skilled expertise.


And so, we decided to put together a Digital Transformation Roadmap that any organization can use to reshape and prepare itself for the future world of an always-connected society. To make it more accessible, we have also decided to build our own social media platform, to facilitate interaction between business entrepreneurs and business and digital specialists.

Human Resources

To tackle the skilled expertise challenge, we headhunted specialists in many areas, from web design to marketing, software development to security, and more. We have also sourced and started building several platforms we know businesses require if they want to go through digital transformation efficiently. We can now provide access to these platforms in a shared environment or help organizations deploy and modify their instances to their specific requirements.

Enter MarVAlt

We have also started developing a solution to combine and integrate Open Source automation solutions for better data consistency. This solution is almost market ready and will change how small businesses work with Free Open Source Solutions and how they prepare to become fully digital.

There’s still an enormous work to do, but we know we’re on the right track.

Stick around, and don’t be shy; get in contact if you need help with your digital transformation!

Team ViBuNe


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