We’ve researched and tested a multitude of solutions, both commercial and Open Source. We’ve also came up with a roadmap to use them.


Nothing is easy when a lack of specific information leads you to expensive and complex products and services we know we need. As entrepreneurs, we require clarity in our business strategy and vision, especially when we try to build modern, digitally enhanced businesses.

ViBuNe helps you take your business or business idea to the next digital level and maximize the technology infrastructures available or assist you to build your own digital automation solutions.


We have created a simple yet comprehensive roadmap to build a digitally enhanced business based on modern design methodologies to help you navigate the challenges. Using concepts like the Business Model Canvas, DevOps and digital automation, you can gain competitive advantages or even disrupt the marketplace, working with like-minded peers.

DevSecOps Team for Hire

Apart from your IT Support or Service Management resources, it is increasingly critical to have a DevSecOps team that can help your business navigate the challenges of cloud hosting, DNS, SaaS, development and process automation. We have a group of professionals that can become your DevSecOps trusty team.

Open Source Solutions

From website CMS (Content Management Systems) to CRMs and Marketing automation, the space of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) is a giant solution repository. You only require the proper knowledge and skills to pick up, deploy and configure highly customizable and efficient solutions, simple or complex.

Introducing MarVAlt

The Ultimate Business Automation Dashboard

Our alternative to commercial automation platforms allows you to get the same benefits on your terms—a central integration node for all your relevant cloud-hosted Open Source apps and solutions. Bringing together website-building systems, email broadcasting, marketing automation, CRM, with a focus on security and data consolidation.

Enabling SSO for business applications leads to easier access and a more secure environment, avoiding password fatigue and simplifying management.

MarVAlt brings together statistical data from multiple apps, giving you a quick snapshot of operations effortlessly.

It is highly beneficial to have all your applications work in unison, transferring data across seamlessly and efficiently, in real-time.

You can have customer interaction data consolidated across all your essential application platforms, to ensure compliance and consistency.

Providing a central point to manage access and user permissions in your vital applications, easily.

Apart from SSO, MarVAlt reduces the number of times a user needs to actively login to all the apps.

Using MarVAlt can simplify deployment of Zero Trust for your infrastructure, allowing you to block access to all applications, unless the user is redirected from MarVAlt.

MarVAlt helps streamline reporting and provides access to a powerful analytical and reporting platform easily deployed alongside it.


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