Domain Registration and DNS

The digital infrastructure has left the building! We now rely on Internet domains and public DNS to enable our entire digital presence.


Domain registration and DNS services are no longer just about your website (online presence). Applications and automation scripts are now ubiquitous, always online and available worldwide. This makes it very important to have domains and DNS zones configured correctly, with security and optimization in mind.

The business' Internet domain structure and DNS services are now enabling not just websites and online shops but also back-end systems and deep process automation, including the plethora of security features they use.

Domain Registration Support

Correct domain registration and management support practices are essential for a seamless online presence. The service ensures that domain names are secure, easily accessible, and up-to-date. With expert guidance, businesses can avoid common pitfalls, such as expired domains or misconfigurations, that can lead to downtime or security vulnerabilities.

Cloudflare DNS Management

Proper configuration and management of DNS zones via Cloudflare can significantly improve website and application performance and security. By leveraging Cloudflare’s global network and advanced features, businesses benefit from faster page load times, reduced latency, and protection against DDoS attacks, ensuring an optimal user experience.

DNS Compliance and Resilience

Our consulting and support services help businesses adhere to industry best practices, implement redundancy measures, and create failover plans. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of service disruptions and instils confidence in the stability of digital infrastructure.

Cloudflare Platform Assistance

Navigating the Cloudflare platform and maximising its features can be challenging. Expert assistance and support from the Vibune team help unlock the platform’s full potential, providing guidance on optimising settings, improving website performance, and enhancing security measures. With this knowledge, businesses can maximise the benefits of Cloudflare and create a more robust online presence.


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