DevOps Hire

Seamlessly merging security with software development and operations, enabling faster and safer code deployment, fostering secure and efficient digital innovation.

Development. Security. Operations.

Apart from the main benefits of outsourcing a highly specialized set of skills, when you hire our team, you may discover a surprisingly positive effect: proactive creativity. This is because we hire an eclectic bunch of freelancers deeply immersed in their dedication to providing the best experience for their customers. 

In addition, we have a strong collection of solutions and platforms that we can deloy for your organization for a complete DevOps setup – to avoid a messy commercial cloud mix with costs that skyrocket as you grow as a modern digital entity.

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Dev. (coders)

We work with various code munchers, from web designers to script creators and native code writers.  Either lone freelancers or agencies, they are all members of the coding community and follow the same dreams, rules of engagement and have the same desire to make amazing solutions out of cryptic pieces of text that mean nothing to us – mere mortals.


Sec. (safekeepers)

Most of us have experienced the terrifying effects of an attack or a security breach more than once. It’s the ugly side of the digital world – nothing different than the real one. We make a difference by approaching everything we do with a security-oriented methodology and workflows that minimize risks.


Ops. (sysops)

The complexities of a digitally enabled business can easily grow exponentially, making it nearly impossible to manage without large budgets. However, leveraging an already efficient team of experts removes the complexity, as well as the need for a large budget for digital operations.


Did We Mention The Infrastructure?

Not only do we offer our team for hire so you have the human resources to build, manage and run your digital workflows, but we bring you the entire infrastructure to make it efficient and seamless.

A state-of-the-art open source project management platform, with all the modern features for Agile development.

A secure collaboration platform outside ofthe project management one, but connected to it and having its own specific tools for team work.

To simplify things even more, we have a ticketing system that’s built-in, so you can handle both internal and customer requests.

Each project can have its own Knowledgebase, independent from the central KB.

Worried about some AI using your break-through code to enhance some else’s solutions? Not with us.

Knowing the status of your tasks and cases at all times is highly important and we made sure it is available for you and your business team.


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