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We are Live

It is the 1st of December 2021 and we invite you to join us on an exciting journey, on ViBuNe.net. Discover the exciting potential and forward-thinking innovation of a virtual network purpose-built to help your business dominate in a predominantly digital world. The team headed up by serial entrepreneur Cris Iconomu and including his wild (read multi-talented) band of worldly freelancers, have collaborated in truly virtual style. From our desks located all over the globe we bring ViBuNe.net to you, we know this works and we are thrilled to share it with YOU first!

Melding Business & Social for Astonishing Results

The ViBuNe community is a virtual business network designed to support entrepreneurs and business owners to learn, build and optimise digital infrastructures to generate business growth. Using an intelligent and tested framework, the business model encompasses an innovative approach that will change the way SMBs currently operate. 

The ViBuNe business and social network collaborate to bring a next-level digital transformation experience to SMBs. The business model aspires to connect entrepreneurs with professional experts to help them achieve results that exceed expectations. 

ViBuNe achieves this by delivering a consistent framework, an accessible learning environment, and the space for the community to connect, where business discussions and direct assistance can transpire seamlessly at a professional level. 

The element that makes ViBuNe stand out in the marketplace is the combination of marketing automation and expert knowledge made available to benefit businesses through our community tool. This approach aims to radically improve the way entrepreneurs can scale their businesses no matter the industry. 

We Invite You To Have A Lasting Impact

To make ViBuNe.net available to as many entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and businesses as possible, we have released a Kickstarter project for the first round of crowdfunding. We want to grow the initial community into a global initiative. Up until now, personal funds have been used to build and test the concept, now that we know it works we are reaching out to collaborate with you to take it to the next stage. 

The Kickstarter project is the first round of crowdfunding efforts, aimed to mature the startup and avoid venture capital. This way, the company can keep both the business and social networks free of interference and remain as ethical and true to purpose as possible. 

To achieve this, Vibune and the team of experts invite everyone to join the community and become part of the change or fund the Kickstarter project to build a better digital future for businesses of all sizes and industries all over the world. 

To make your mark, access the campaign link here: VIBUNE PROJECT

Join. Learn. Build. Grow. TOGETHER!

ViBuNe & the World Freelancers

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