Vibune company announces the big opening of the Vibune community, the virtual business network of the future.

Sydney, Wednesday, December 1, 2021 – Vibune Company announces the official opening of the Vibune community under the URL

Vibune community is a virtual business network designed to support entrepreneurs to learn, build and optimize their digital infrastructure of business growth by using an intelligent and tested framework. The business model has an innovative approach that will change the way small and medium businesses are currently operating.

Vibune the business and the social network work hand in hand to bring a next-level digital transformation experience to small and medium enterprises. The business model and concept aims to connect entrepreneurs with professional experts to help them achieve better results. Vibune achieves this by providing a reliable framework, the learning environment, and the community space where business discussion and direct assistance can happen seamlessly, at a professional level.

The outstanding element that makes a difference in the market is the combination of marketing automation and expert knowledge put to benefit businesses through a community tool (platform). This approach aims to radically improve the way entrepreneurs can scale their businesses, no matter the industry.

To make available to as many entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and businesses as possible, the company has just released a Kickstarter project for the first round of crowdfunding. The aim is to help the further development of the social network and make innovation possible.

“The Vibune Social Network and the concept behind it aims to assist and help business entrepreneurs to implement digital automation into their businesses. The framework was developed over the last five years by a team of talented professionals from all over the world and me,” said Cris Iconomu, Vibune business owner and CEO.

The Kickstarter project is the first round of crowdfunding efforts aiming to grow the startup and avoid venture capital. This way, the company can keep both the business and the social network free of interference and as ethical as possible.

To achieve this, Vibune and the team of experts invite everyone to join the community and become part of the change or fund the Kickstarter project to build a better digital future for businesses of all sizes and industries all over the world.

To make this happen, access the campaign link here: VIBUNE PROJECT

Join. Learn. Build. Grow. Together!

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