Why Digital Ignorance Kills a Business

Once upon a time, in the business world, not so long ago, a website was just a fancy billboard that told your customers, “Hey, look at me! I exist!” Fast-forward to today and that approach is as outdated as bell-bottom pants and floppy disks. Welcome to the digital age, where your website is the beating heart of your business – the automation turntable that connects your customers with your team.

So, let’s get down to business and discuss why digital ignorance is the kiss of death for today’s businesses. Spoiler alert: it all starts with how your website is built and its real purpose.

Picture this: Your competitor’s website is a sleek, speedy machine, effectively reaching customers and generating leads. Meanwhile, your website is like a digital snail, inching its way through cyberspace. It’s not hard to see which one will win the race.

But it’s not just about looking good (though that helps). Your website needs the proper structure to build confidence in your visitors, turning them from casual browsers to loyal customers. Let’s walk through a practical example.

Imagine Jane, a potential customer, stumbles upon your website. She’s intrigued by a free download you offer about your products and services (a”Lead Magnet”), so she takes the offer and signs up for your newsletter. Over time, you send her well-written, engaging content that keeps her returning for more. Eventually, she’s ready to buy, and because you’ve taken the time to build that trust, she chooses you over the competition.

Sounds great, right? But what happens if your website isn’t built to facilitate that journey? That’s where digital ignorance can be a real buzzkill.

Maybe your website isn’t mobile-friendly, or the loading times are slow. Worse yet, your website might not be designed to capture leads or encourage sign-ups for your newsletter. And let’s not forget about security. If your website is more like an afterthought (“Everybody has a website; I’ll have one too”), it could be vulnerable to hacking, which will indeed send your customers running for the digital hills.

In a world where a staggering 90% of consumers research products online before making a purchase (yes, you read that right), you can’t afford to be in the dark about the digital space. A well-designed, secure, and efficient website isn’t just a luxury but a necessity.

So, let’s raise a toast to digital enlightenment! Because the more you know about the digital space, the better equipped you are to build a website that looks good and serves its true purpose: connecting your customers with your team and driving your business forward.

Cheers to that!


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